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Dinosaur Eggs!!

We found Dinosaur Eggs in our class.

After lunch on Monday, we walked into our class to discover that a nest had been left on the carpet! Inside were some cracking Dinosaur Eggs. 

We searched online for what to do, and we put them in some warm water to keep safe and help them crack. We then had a guess to see what type of dinosaur it was. Would it be a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Diplodocus or Stegosaurus?

 When we came in this morning, the eggs had hatched!! We carefully tipped out the water and cleaned our dinosaurs. We made little nests for them in a cup with some paper and leaves to keep them warm. We are thinking of names for them and we are very excited to be Mums and Dads to some new baby dinosaurs! They are going to stay in school until half term so that they can do some learning with us. We are also going to teach them how dinosaurs should behave.

Come and have a look, we promise they won't bite!