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At Welland we believe it is important to introduce our pupils to the world of work and what they might want to do in the future from an early age.

It isn't about providing 'careers' advice, but more importantly about providing opportunities to broaden horizons, raise aspirations and give children a wide range of experiences, including the world of work. We want to open doors, showing children the vast range of possibilities open to them. We want to leave them in the best possible position before they move on to Secondary school.

Talking about 'careers' also allows to us to tackle stereotypes, teaching children that certain jobs are not for 'males' or 'females'. We want to support children to challenge perceptions they have about certain jobs and to understand better the world around them.

At Welland, we work closely with The Skills Builder Partnership to teach children to skills they will need to develop to support them in school and prepare them for the life beyond. 

Through the Skills Builder Partnership we teach our pupils these essential skills.

Careers and Aspirations are also developed through experiences and these are apped out through the careers pathway in the document below.