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Active: PE has become increasingly more important as the nation's obesity crisis continues to grow. We believe it in vital that children enjoy being active and participating in sport from an early age, to ensure a healthier lifestyle as they grow up.

Appreciate: Children are also taught to observe and produce the conventions of fair play, honest competition and good sporting behaviour as individual participants, team members and spectators. We are also committed to embedding life-long values associated with Physical Education such as co-operation, collaboration and equity of play in order for children to appreciate not only physical exercise, but also the other people who are participating alongside them.

Achieve: Here at Welland Academy, we aim to offer a dynamic, varied and engaging programme of activity to ensure that all children have the chance to progress physically and achieve personal goals through an inspirational, unique and fully inclusive PE curriculum. We understand that not all children will be able to access different sports outside of school therefore it is vital we expose them with a range of activities throughout their time at the school.  Through lessons, we encourage all children to develop their understanding of the way in which they can use their body, equipment and apparatus imaginatively to achieve their personal goals.


At Welland Academy we follow the National Curriculum. The PE curriculum is divided as follows:


  • master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching, as well as developing balance, agility and co-ordination, and begin to apply these in a range of activities
  • participate in team games, developing simple tactics for attacking and defending
  • perform dances using simple movement patterns.


  • use running, jumping, throwing and catching in isolation and in combination
  • play competitive games, modified where appropriate [for example, badminton, basketball, cricket, football, hockey, netball, rounders and tennis], and apply basic principles suitable for attacking and defending
  • develop flexibility, strength, technique, control and balance [for example, through athletics and gymnastics]
  • perform dances using a range of movement patterns
  • take part in outdoor and adventurous activity challenges both individually and within a team
  •  compare their performances with previous ones and demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best.

The long term plan has been developed to ensure there is clear progression in each of the above areas. We use the PE Passport scheme of work to ensure children are exposed to a large number of sports and make clear progress in these sports during their time at Welland.

Teachers discuss the 3A's at Welland Academy (from our intent statement) during their lessons to ensure children are familiar with what PE lessons at Welland should look like. External coaches also use these as part of their teaching.

Each class has two PE lessons a week taught by their teacher. Over the course of the year, every class will also have a sequence of PE lessons delivered by a specialist sports coach from Key Sports- teachers are part of this sequence of learning and attend every lesson for their own CPD.

Children from Year 2, 3, 4 and 6 go swimming once a week for a whole term (Year 3 in Autumn, Year 4 Spring and Years 2 and 6 in summer). In swimming lessons, we provide opportunities for children to learn how to stay safe, become confident in the water and also meet the National Curriculum requirements of swimming 25m by the end of Year 6.

We encourage the children to participate in competitions and take part in different events throughout the year. Every child will take part in an internal competition once per term (6 times a year)- competing against the other class in their year group. This sporting event is based on the sport they have been doing in PE that term.

All teachers assess children across 4 domains of PE: physical, health, cognitive and personal. These are linked to our intent statement and to national curriculum aims. This allows teachers to monitor progress of children in these areas and adapt their lessons accordingly in order to ensure progress.

Our PE Curriculum, along with PSHE and science, teaches children about the importance of healthy living and learning about the need for good nutrition. At Welland Academy, we aim for children to develop the necessary knowledge and skills which will have a positive impact on their future by becoming physically active citizens to benefit their long-term health and well-being.

Children are encouraged to take part in 30 minutes of activity within school hours. This is achieved in a number of ways:

  • Active break and lunchtimes lead by play leaders and a sports coach.
  • Active learning- staff have received CPD on how to make learning across a range of subjects more active including races, ball games and movement breaks
  • Staff have access to a range of exercises children can complete throughout the day including super movers, 5 a day, school games and energise me.


Swimming progress is monitored each year- we should see an increase in the number of children able to swim 25m by the end of year 6.

Conversations with children will show enthusiasm towards the subject. Learning walks will show high levels of engagement from the children.

The level of enthusiasm for different sports will be shown by the amount of children attending the wide range of after school clubs on offer.

Children will have an awareness of the "3A's" and know what these look like in a lesson.

Assessments will show progress year of year for pupils.

Teachers will be confident teaching a broad and balanced PE curriculum.

Teachers will understand the intent statement for PE and ensure they adapt planning to ensure lessons follow the "3A's".